What Is The Best Penis Extender?

When searching for a safe and economical way to enlarge your penis without having to go through the painful process of surgery, there are many options that you can choose from. There are many natural ways to increase penis size on a temporary basis by using certain creams and patches that can increase the blood flow to your penis thus causing it to enlarge. This temporary solution is used by many people, but the enlargement will only last a short while.

awardPeople searching for permanent penis enlargement solutions that want to avoid surgery will probably find that a penis extender is the way to go.

In this article, we will discuss penis extenders, which ones are the best to use, and how modern advancements have improved their overall ability to provide dramatic increases in the size of your penis without pain or discomfort.

Understanding Penis Extenders

Penis extension devices, also called traction devices, are one of the best ways to achieve permanent enlargement to the male organ. These devices go by many names including penis enlarger, penis stretcher and “penis extender”, the most commonly used reference today for this type of device. These devices work by stretching the corpora cavernosa area of your penis, causing cellular rifts which must be replaced with new cellular growth. Over time, the penis will begin to extend, and enlarge, through constant tearing and rebuilding. Although this may sound painful, because it is done in a gradual methodical manner, very little pain is felt, and the results are sometimes dramatic and definitely permanent.

The First Traction Devices

noose-extenderAvailable for over 25 years, noose extenders, or conventional traction devices, have been used for penis enlargement by people all over the world. These noose extenders are made of rubber tubing with a base that consists of a padded circle with posts that are screwed or welded on. The posts are the key to the product, allowing you to adjust them with a slider. Once your penis is attached to this device, by moving the slider and posts, you can gradually increase the size of your penis.

There are flaws with this particular type of device, beginning with the inability to adjust the runner rods to a longer length once you have grown to a certain size. New devices must be purchased, plus there is some discomfort with its overall design and how it rests against the pelvic area. The main concern has to do with the loop or “noose” that attaches to the penis, as it can cause pain after it is secured, plus also virtually eliminate blood flow to the head of the penis. Its circulation is hindered, not only can this cause permanent damage to the penis itself, it will also stymie any regrowth in the corpora cavernosa, which is how your penis is able to enlarge.

Fortunately, due to modern advancements, a new more reliable and comfortable device has been made.

Strap Extender Traction Devices

comfort-extenderInstead of using a noose to secure the device to your penis, the strap extender traction device uses a slider that is shaped to conform to the penis itself. They also allow for more friction and traction with the penis, allowing up to 60% more blood flow as the extension process continues. Moreover, the noose extender typically only worked with those that had uncircumcised penises.

comfort-strapThe new strap extender works with both uncircumcised and circumcised penises, and are much more comfortable to wear due to their ergonomic design.

Additionally, the runner rods on the strap extenders are much more flexible due to their segmented design which allows you to extend the device as far as you want, allowing you to grow your penis to any size of your choice.

Although there are many penis extenders on the market, because this device is not patented, many copycat companies have created models of their own. Trying to find one that is well designed, safe to use, and that will provide you with great results can be difficult to do when sifting through all of the products available on the web.

If you read our reviews, we can provide you with a comprehensive information of the best penis extenders on the market today.