Penis Hydro Pumps and Penis Stretchers: A Power Duo

When it comes to male enhancement, there are two methods that have repeatedly produced amazing results time after time- penis stretchers and penis pumps.

However, the problem has always been that pumps only produce temporary results and can be very uncomfortable. This is no longer the case now that the hydro pump is available to the public. The hydro pump has reinvented the penis pump with unparalleled comfort, safety and results. What you may not know is, combining these amazing techniques will produce results you never even dreamed possible.

What is a Hydro Penis Pump?

You are probably familiar with penis pumps. They are a tube that goes over the penis, and by squeezing a bulb you produce a vacuum that forces blood into the penis and stretches the skin- giving you an instant erection. The problem with traditional pumps is that the results were always temporary, and it was very easy to injure your penis by creating too much pressure.


Hydro penis pumps use water, not air, to create a more powerful and more comfortable suction that works far better and safer than traditional pumps.

Hydro pumps also boast a much safer design that slowly releases pressure, so that you will never put too much pressure on your penis. By using a hydro penis pump you will achieve an instant erection that is harder, larger and creates a much better blood flow.

What is a Penis Stretcher?

penis_stretcherPenis stretchers may not be quite as familiar to you, but for those in the know- it can be a miracle worker. They work very simply by a design that replicates the process of growth we all experience during puberty. By applying constant, painless pressure you will encourage new cell growth and expansion of the chambers of your penis that engorge during erections. It is a device that attaches to your penis and is worn in the comfort of your own home for a few hours a day, every day, over the course of a few months. The benefits of penis stretchers are incredible; increased length and girth, penis straightening and improved function for larger stronger erections.

Combine the Stretcher and the Hydro Pump for Maximum Results

By using the power of immediate results of hydro penis pumps with the long-lasting permanent results of penis stretching with an extender you can achieve better gains than you ever dreamed possible.

Take advantage of the vast improvements in male enhancement that are possible with penis stretchers and hydro penis pumps. Hydro pumps allow for immediate results that penis extenders can take advantage of by way of working on tissue that has already been stretched. Don’t miss out on the amazing results, find out more about combining these powerful methods today.