How To Make You Penis Bigger

It is every man’s dream to have a large penis, and be fulfilling in a positive way for their partner in bed. On a more personal level, it’s all about ego and how you feel about yourself, something that a larger sexual organ can certainly do.

bigger-penisAfter doing some research, you will find literally thousands of websites that will promise penis enlargement solutions and techniques that are supposed to guarantee the enlargement process in an easy and pain-free way.

But how do you know which method will work?

In this article, we will discuss three methods on how to make your penis bigger that are both safe and proven to provide noticeable results.

Temporary and Permanent Methods

The first thing we would like to address before going into the three methods is the fact that the many strategies and techniques out there will provide either temporary or permanent results.

  • Temporary results will only enlarge the size of your penis for a short amount of time. Typically, this enlargement occurs during sexual intercourse only.
  • Permanent results, on the other hand, last forever, yet they take a little bit of time for the enlargement process to occur.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

penis-pumpsYou have probably heard of penis pumps, devices designed to increase the size of your penis by pumping air into a cylindrical tube with your penis placed inside.

This type of enlargement process will only provide you with temporary results, and it is possible, if the procedure is not done properly, to permanently damage this vital male organ.

Herbal or All-Natural Products

Another solution that does not come with all of the risk of potential harm to your penis comes in the form of natural remedies. There are lotions, patches, supplements that you take orally, and creams that you rub on the penis in order to get it to enlarge. They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis for a short time. Unfortunately, this is yet again another temporary solution for your problem, and is something that you will have to continually ingest or apply in order to get results.

Penis Extenders – The best method by far!

penis-stretching-extenderIf you are looking for a more permanent solution in regard to enlarging your penis, penis extenders really are the way to go.

Similar to the process of Jelqing, this technique actually creates new tissue cells in your penis, but does so by stretching the penis with the extender, creating pockets of space that must be refilled and healed. Using an extender the right way, over a period of a few months, it can provide pain-free and exceptional results that will be permanent.

Penis size is important, regardless of what anyone says.

If you have a large sexual organ, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will be able to satisfy your partner more so than ever before. Although we have mentioned three solutions for how to make a penis bigger, if you are going for long-term results that last, using a penis extender is the best way to go.