Looking for the Best Penis Extender?

penis-extenderA penis extender is a traction type device that enlarge your penis, quickly at home.

As it stretches the penis, it creates tiny “micro-tears” in the flesh. These micro-tears then build new flesh to compensate.

The end result is a larger and thicker penis through this cell duplication process.

What is the best way to get a BIGGER and harder penis?

The only way that this process can truly be successful is a slow and steady increase in the pressure being applied by the medical 1 class traction device.

The major key to success with penis stretching is its being comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time. The longer the extender is worn, the more impact it can have on the penis.

The best products on the market

The best penis enlargement system is offered by X4 Labs™.
Below is a detailed review of the top of the line package for best results.

#1 X4 Labs Premium Edition – Best Penis Enlargement System

rated-1The X4 Labs has several unique features on offer with the Premium Edition (the best seller):

  • Superior Comfort InfiniteFit Support for best penis enlargement.
  • Exercises improving your results and to speed up your penis size gain
  • Specially calibrated tension springs for faster results


  • Mini and Wide girth extender base to fit any penis size and shape
  • Hybrid Support to help you wear it comfortable under trousers
  • Additional spare parts in case you need to replace any pieces


  • SinRex™ male enhancement pills to speed up your penis size gain

check180 Day Guarantee

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It is important to examine each part of this offer piece by piece so read our detailed X4 Labs review.

The InfiniteFit Comfort Strap System – This system allows the penis stretching device to comfortably hold the penis in place during traction throughout the growth process. Each successive strap, or combination of straps and pads, allows the device to apply precisely the right amount of pressure and force to help hold the penis in place during traction.

In opposite to the noose fixation system of other penis extenders, this includes double “strap” and/or “noose” strap and different size pads. This unique concept features quad support to secure the both penis shaft and head for better results.

noose-extender Older devices, and lower quality devices, use a “noose” strap method.

This was simply a rubber strap that the user would lengthen as the penis grows.

InfiniteFitWhile effective, this has the comfort level of tying the penis to the traction device with a rope.

Because it is not a very comfortable design, the user would not be able to tolerate the discomfort, and would therefore not wear the device long enough to have the correct effect.

As opposite to noose, the InfiniteFit comfort system uses two, much more comfortable nooses that can be adjusted to the size of the penis as it grows in length and girth.

Instructional DVD – Just like most things in life, they don’t work as well if you don’t use them correctly. The instructional DVD provided with the X4 Labs system was made with the attention to detail necessary to make sure that the user knows exactly how to use the device to the greatest effect.

It is important to note that penis stretcher is being applied to a sensitive part of your body. Misuse can, at the least, have no effect. At the worst, these devices can harm the body.

Being fully informed about how to use the device and following all the safety precautions will help with the efficacy and comfort of the device.

SinRex pills – This exclusive male enhancement supplements help you get results quickly and assist you with maintaining erections, having stronger orgasms and delaying orgasm.

Penis pump – This kit contains a penis pump that allows you to get bigger and harder erections on demand. Using a pump is extremely effective for the penis growth process.

Great Sex for a Lifetime – The Penis Access DVD is provided for you to learn exactly how to massage your penis during and after the penis growth process.

As with every other part of the body, ensuring that the penis is kept healthy and given the treatment it needs to remain that way will be a major factor in realizing the long-lasting effects that users are seeking from the device.

better-sex6 Deluxe Memory Foam Pads – They can be used during the traction process. The purpose is to keep the skin supple and comfortable.

The traction process is aided, as was stated above, by keeping the device on for exactly the prescribed length of time. These comfort straps, by making the device more comfortable, allow you to be more content while you wear the device.

Again, wearing for the right amount of time will help to bring the right results.

Memory Foam Pads – Also, as part of the commitment to penis health, X4 Labs Extender provides a set of memory foam pads specifically designed to help heal the penis and the skin after the device is removed.

These additional foams can help you see results faster and with much less interim discomforts.

Also provided, as part of the X4 Labs Gold penis enlargement system, is device wooden carrying cases specifically designed to keep the device clean, sterile and in good working condition.

Finally, X4 Labs Penis Extender comes with a 180 day (6 month) Guarantee.

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Why do you have a small penis?

The part of the penis that fills with blood during an erection is called the Corpora Cavernosa.

penis-anatomyAs a penis extender device is applied and the penis is lengthened, micro-tears appear in the Corpora Cavernosa. The tears are then filled in by the body with duplicate cells.


More Corpora Cavernosa cells give you Bigger and Harder erections.


Why would I want a penis enlarger? What can it do for me?

size-mattersThere is a medically termed condition known as “micro penis.” This is a condition of a penis that is less than 3 inches in length.

While it may seem normal that men have 12 inch penises, if one were to judge by pornography, the average penis is about 5 to 6 inches long erect. Smaller than that can cause men to feel inadequate. It can make them extremely self-conscious and can lead to anger issues and depression.

There is an evolutionary basis for this importance placed on the length of the penis: Throughout most of human history, people wore little or no clothing, mens’ penises, like womens’ breasts, were exposed for the world to see. A larger penis signifies more virility and consequently a better ability to provide for and protect a family. There might not be any truth to this idea, and even less in a stage of human history where being smart is generally more valuable than being strong, but it is genetically ingrained in our species.

This instinct is ingrained, not just in women, but in men.

The larger penis was an automatic symbol of superior strength and ability. Therefore, men with small penises are judging themselves by the same criteria that the women in their lives judge them.

sex-positionsHaving a larger penis can grant a man a much deeper self-confidence than just in the bedroom.

And penis stretching is the best penis enlargement method known so far.

There is an American phrase, “The biggest swinging dick in the room.” This phrase is extremely telling.

There is no good reason to believe that having a larger penis makes you any more capable on the battlefield or in the office, but it is so much a part of our genetics that this phrase is used to signify the person who is in charge of the space. Of course, most times people are fully clothed, so there would be no way to be sure that this is actually the case, but it is a metaphor for power, strength and virility.

Men with small penises might be the only ones who know that they have a small penis, but it will affect the way that they see the world and how they treat and are treated by others. The power of thought is an amazing thing: If think that you have the power in the room, then you will claim that power. If you don’t believe that you have or deserve the power, you will cede the power unconsciously.

In some ways, this can be the most important thing a man can do for himself. In fact, the increase in penis size does not need to be great, but the increase in confidence can be disproportional to the actual growth.

Women will not say it, but size does matter.

Few women want a man that is so huge that it hurts to have sex. In fact, most women can tell you about a man that they had sex with that really hurt them and took the pleasure out of it. Nonetheless, the average vagina is only 4 inches in depth when aroused, but can expand much more during sexual intercourse. Having a penis that is slightly larger than the average vagina can be a great advantage without having the disadvantage of being too large to comfortable.

In Summary

Having a bigger penis is about more than just sex and size; penis size has a significant impact on a man’s self-esteem. This can also have a massive impact on how he interacts with the world and with his partners.

#1 The X4 Labs1-rated-x4-labs has everything that a man needs to be able to lengthen his penis significantly, including guidelines for attracting a mate and pleasing her once you have her.

This little bit of training can go a long way, since a man with a smaller penis may not be confident enough to attract a mate right away.

While SizeGenetics is a complete penis enlargement system, it does not appear to have the same backup accessories as X4 Labs, which help a man regain his confidence. It is, in fact, the InfiniteFit provided with the X4 Labs system that actually promotes better and faster results.

The 58 Way that comes with the SizeGenetics penis stretcher lacks the comfort that users would want.

In short, while the SizeGenetics is better than most of the competition, the complete system is appears to be lacking when compared with the X4 Labs. The more complete and comfortable X4 Labs not only addresses the physical changes, but also begins to address some of the emotional confidence issues that may have built up of the years.

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